Cloud Enablement & Hybrid Solutions

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Transitioning to the cloud and moving from capital to operations expense models (CapEx to OpEx) requires significant business value-driven analysis. FTC’s organizational change management services integrates a comprehensive assessment of the move from the physical to the virtual environments that includes business value analysis, migration planning and oversight to ensure the transition is successful and painless from start to finish.

Cloud Migration/Data Center Consolidation
We help determine what services and infrastructure can/should move to the cloud, making architectural recommendations across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, assessing readiness and identifying and mitigating gaps in the applications planned for migration, and supporting the planning and implementation of decommissioning activities post-migration.

Shared Services
We develop web, mobile, and data analytic applications that utilize containerized workflows to tune performance and evaluate opportunities to transform to micro services for increased patching and deployment efficiencies consistent with DevOps orchestration and containers-as-service methodologies.

Operation Support Services
From hyper converged private cloud infrastructures to commercial cloud service provider environments, we provide operational support across multiple functions, including provisioning, performance turning, monitoring/log file analysis, workload cost optimization, disaster recovery and security.

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